You! Yes, you can do this! The government is meant to be for the people, not paid lobbyists and special interests groups. After spending over 30 days at the Capitol during the 2018 Legislative Session and driving back and forth from Mankato to St. Paul logging over 4,000 miles, I learned all too well that many in our government do not represent us, the people.

It’s time to change that.

Copyright The Mankato Free Press – Testimony from March 2017

As a small business owner being regulated out of business and over-taxed in a manner that negatively impacts my ability to care for my employees and clients, I chose to go the Capitol and fight for change.
It was a baptism by fire and I have a lot to learn, but one thing I know for certain –

We need to remind the elected officials who they work for – you and I.

Join me on the journey to fight back and give the voice back to the people.

Through this website, I intend to document my journey and help teach others how to use their voice! Above all, I hope to shine some light on what really happens up at the Capitol.

May you be empowered, enlightened and emboldened to stand up for your rights!

~Elizabeth Bangert, Minnesota Citizen Lobbyist